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The emergence of a work in magazines, copyright is passed on magazine and, as such, the work can not be sent for publication, or part of another magazine, without the consent of the editorial board. Also, the journal publishes papers published in other magazines in the country or abroad. Articles are subject to assessment process / review 'peer review'.

The principles underlying the drafting work ethics, rules, norms and practices ethical and aesthetic.

To achieve uniform appearance and to ensure outfit scientific journal articles, the editorial team recommended magazine contributors consider aspects will be presented.

Drafting articles generally comply with recommendations made by the International Committee of Editors of Medical Journals (

The full papers will be prepared entirely in English or French and will be preceded by a summary in the language is written the article, and a summary in Romanian.

For foreign authors, full papers and summary will be sent in an international language (English or French).

The paper will have 4-8 pages, including illustrations, tables, graphs. It will be processed with spaces for one row, justified, writed in Office Word, Time New Roman, font 12, diacritice, format A4, with borders: top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, left/inside 2,5cm, right/outside 2cm.

The paper will be submitted to the editorial team in two printed copies, the address of a copy editor and through electronic mail address of the publication.

Editorial team of collaborators recommends the following structure of the manuscript: pages will be numbered centrally below in the following order:

  • page 1 - paper title (in Romanian and English or French);
  • page 2 - name and full name of authors, Times New Roman, font 14, italic, vaulted, italic, aligned right, followed by occupation, educational and scientific degree. Instituția fiecărui autor se va insera cu footnote (1,2) in the bottom of the page. Also will be offered and personal information of the first author of that contact (name, surname, institution, address,. Phone., Email address);
  • page 3 - keywords (in Romanian and English or French) and abstract (in English or French); (foreign authors will use an international language for abstract and keywords).
  • page 4....n - text work, including illustrations, tables, graphs, discussion, conclusions, bibliography;

The work must meet the requirements of scientific standards and format for researchers. Depending on the recipients work, protocol differs significantly, with an academic character, the popular, scientific or informal.

Manuscript / The paper in electorinc format will be sent to the following address:



Deputy Chief Editor: Lozincă Izabela


Recommendation for Drafting

Title of the Article

As formally this must be short and concise, without brackets, abbreviations, are not explained by a subtitle, to inform the content and the dominant characteristics of the article.

The title is written in capital letters, bold, centered, font 14.

Recommendation for Drafting


Will be defined 3 - 5 keywords, italic, left aligned, font 11. They must be significant, epistemic approach to express the essence and content of the article and vary as much as possible of the words in the title. Contribute a better translation.

Recommendation for Drafting


He must inform the reader of the essence and the content author's contribution, shall be true text, not exceeding 15-20 times or 200 words written in font 12. It must be as informative.

The summary will include the objectives of the paper, new methods used, one or more edifying conclusions.

Recommendation for Drafting

The text of the paper

The text should be balanced in volume of parts, have a clear and lofty expressions, sentences are short, avoiding negative sentences, linguistic exaggerations.

When the subject of study requires a theoretical clarification or a theoretical discussion to justify the hypothesis formulation in the work plan may affect a section for discussion of literature data, framing the theme explored in the context of the area, the contribution of research to clarify, specify the issues, etc.. The first part of the text covers concepts that highlight the importance of theoretical and practical basis, its reflection in literature, to work, its objectives and tasks, in short. If you need the memory of physio-pathological anatomical data they must be short and November, the content and presentation.

Recommended for structure studies in the following sections:

  • Foreword - briefly described the purpose and rationale of the study. It presents only the background, with a limited number of references needed to understand why the reader was led the study.
  • Material and method - hypothesis or alternative hypotheses are presented, are described briefly, plan and organize research, patients, materials, methods, criteria for inclusion-exludere, exploration, procedure and statistical method used.
  • Human and non-human experiments: When human experiments reported authors must specify whether ethical standards were followed for 4 human experiments as specified in the Helsinki Declaration, revised in 2000 (World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki: Ethical Principles for medicalresearch involving human subjects. JAMA. 2000 Dec 20; 284(23):3043-5).
  • Illustrations and tables will be inserted in the text to the right place, numbered with Arabic numerals (Table 1.2, etc.., written above the table or Fig.1, 2.etc.'s below the figure), with a title and caption accompanied by specifying the exact source of the quotation (title of \ article and first author). Images, tables and figures must be in JPEG format, at least 300 dpi. Figures (drawings, diagrams) are plotted professional. Each photo will be mentioned in footnote number, and the top of the figure - shown with an arrow (if it can be inferred is that).
  • Legends of illustrations - recommended expression results in international units and in SI. Will be used internationally accepted abbreviations. Will be written in Times New Roman 10.
  • Results - Detailed results and should be exposed to all tables and figures cited in logical order, which should supplement the text, not duplicate it.It stresses only the most important observations and not compared with results of others. These comparisons are made in section discussions.

Recommendation for Drafting


Do not repeat data presented in the results, nor shall the new data presented here. Presentation of research findings will be made synthetically and systematically, the author can divide this section according to their theoretical or experimental. The author will highlight the contribution of research to progress investigated domain of theory and practice. Discussions include report on personal data of literature. Will be highlighted new aspects revealed by the study and will discuss their implications and limitations of the work.

The paper may present an experiment or a statistical study to describe a specific method or technique.

Statistical analysis - must be clearly stated which tests were used for data evaluation. When the data are presented in tabular form, the statistical test should be indicated by a footnote for each test separately.

Recommendation for Drafting


Only people who have made a significant contribution to the study, if applicable.

Recommendation for Drafting


Mandatory for any article is written as the Vancouver Convention. The feature that distinguishes the writing style of references to other styles, is that each source cited will receive a reference number in order apriției in the text.

For citing references in the text of the same is just the number. Biliografia will be sorted by reference number (in order of appearance in the text) and not in alphabetical order. This will provide the reader can quickly find detailed source bibliography.

Thus, the first source cited will get number 1, the second source cited will receive the number two and so on, numbers are written in square brackets.

The bibliography will include in order: author, article title, publisher, publication name, volume number, pages, year of publication. For reasons of space typographical authors recommend that if they are mentioned more than 20 Bibliographic indices also provide a selective bibliography. For quotations, they go in quotation marks and indicate the source and page number / page.

For books will mention:

  • name of first author, followed by a comma, then the initial of first name and the name and initials of other authors (the authors put command).
  • to write the full title (between the author and title of the dot), are publishing and site appearance, followed by page and year of publication. Eg:
    - Sbenghe, T. Kinesiology: The science of movement. Medical Publishing House, Bucharest, pp 112, 2002

For works published in periodicals, will indicate:

  • For works published in periodicals, will indicate:

For an unpublished text, will show:

  • author's name, initial of first name, title of italic writing, nature of the document (doctoral thesis, research report, personal, etc.), institution, place of publication, year of publication.

For online journals:

For citations of websites:

Responsibility for the scientific content of the material rests entirely with the author. Editorial team ensure the right of reply, with scientific arguments and appropriate methods, expressed in a civilized academic language.

No part of the published work will not be used, sold, copied, distributed without prior written consent of the author and only in compliance with Law no. 8 / 1996 on copyright and related rights.

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