editorial board

Managing director: Marcu Vasile
(Oradea, Romania)

Editor-in-chief: Ciobanu Doriana
(Oradea, Romania)

Copy-reader: Lozincă Izabela
(Oradea, Romania)

Str. Calea Aradului, nr.27, bl P61, ap.16 Oradea, Romania.

Tel/Fax: +40 259 444/918

e-mail: contact@revrokineto.com

Peer review committee

International Members

  • Hermann van Coppenolle - Professor, PhD, Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, K.U. Leuven, Belgium Curriculum Vitae
  • Croitor Gheorghe MD - Prof. PhD, USMF “Nicolae Testemiţanu” catedra de ortopedie, traumatologie şi chirurgie de campanie, Chişinău, Rep. Moldova Curriculum Vitae
  • Cseri Juliana MD - Professor, PhD, University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science Center, Faculty of Public Health, Department of Physiotherapy,Hungary Curriculum Vitae
  • Fehérné Anna Kiss - Associate Professor, University of Szeged, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherap, Hungary Curriculum Vitae
  • Konin Jeff G - PhD, ATC, PT, Associate Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine University of South Florida; Executive Director Sports Me Curriculum Vitae
  • Danail Sergiu Nicolae - Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Pedagogy, National Institute of Physical Education and Sport of Moldova Republic, Theory and Methodology of P Curriculum Vitae
  • professor, PhD. Ali Cimbiz - Zirve University, Faculty of Health Science, Gaziantep-Turkey Curriculum Vitae
  • prof. PhD. Ugur Cavlak - Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey. Director of School of Physical Therapy. School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Curriculum Vitae
  • Assoc. Prof., P Filiz Altug - Pamukkale University, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Kınıklı Kampusu Curriculum Vitae
  • professor, PhD Daniel Courteix - Blaise Pascal - Clermont Ferrand University, UFR

National Members

  • Cordun Mariana - prof. PhD., ANEFS, Bucureşti
  • Georgescu Luminiţa - Prof. PhD. University from Piteşti
  • Prof. PhD, Univ Bălteanu Viorica Curriculum Vitae
  • Dan Mirela - assistant prof., PhD. – Vasile Golgiş Universitatea din Arad Curriculum Vitae
  • Pasztai Zoltan - assistant. prof., PhD, University of Oradea Curriculum Vitae
  • Lozincă Izabela - assistant prof., PhD, University of Oradea
  • Şerbescu Carmen - assistant prof., PhD, University of Oradea Curriculum Vitae
  • assistant prof. Ianc Dorina - University of Oradea, FGTS, Department of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Therapy Curriculum Vitae
  • prof. PhD. Ciucurel Constantin - University of Pitesti, Department of Medical Assistance and Physiotherapy, Faculty of Science

current issue 38

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Title of the journal: Romanian Journal Of Physical Therapy

ISSN: 1224-6220

ONLINE ISSN: 2068 - 1712

Profile: review of studies, research, reviews

Editor: University of Oradea Publishing House

The level and attestation of the journal: BDI

Year of first publication: 1995

Issue: half-early

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current issue number 38 / 2016

The "Romanian Journal of Physical Therapy" is printed two times a year. The journal has free of charge access, on webpage www.revrokineto.com. Users are free to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of the journal’s articles and allow readers to use them for any other lawful purpose.  There will be no fee for Article Processing Charges (APCs) when submitting articles to this publication.

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